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wrapping crepe paper around the Halloween surprise ball

Need an idea for something creative and fun that is sure to delight? Try making surprise balls. I made these for party favors one year, and then again for a Halloween party. It may not surprise you to hear that kids truly love unwrapping them to discover the  layers of surprises.

Get the tutorial here.

Image: Charlotte’s Fancy

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Halloween Surprise Balls

orange and black Halloween inspired surprise balls

Last year for Rosa’s birthday, I made surprise balls as party favors, which were a lot of fun to make, and the kids really enjoyed them. I decided it would be fun to make a Halloween version of them too, with orange and black crepe paper.


  • Orange and black crepe paper cut into strips of about 36″
  • A small plastic ball (I found some at the craft store in the dollar bin with bath confetti in them)
  • Small Halloween trinkets and treats
  • Halloween stickers and/or ribbon

Halloween trinkets for surprise balls

Put a couple of treats in the plastic ball (use the bulkiest treats to go into the ball), and take your first length of crepe paper and wrap it around the ball. Pull the crepe paper tight as you wrap, but be careful not to rip it.

wrapping crepe paper around the Halloween surprise ball

wrapping crepe paper around the surprise ball

Lay another treat on top of the ball, and wrap another layer of crepe paper around it. Keep adding the trinkets and wrapping – one trinket and one layer of crepe paper at a time, until you’ve used up all the trinkets.

wrapping layers of crepe paper around surprise ball

When you have finished wrapping all the treats into the layers, secure the end with a sticker or piece of tape. You can also tie it with a ribbon around the ball if you like.

Halloween surprise ball with spooky sticker closure

The stickers are from Martha Stewart’s Halloween collection for Michael’s Craft Store.

Kids will love unwrapping the layers and discovering all the treats inside.

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