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[Surprise Tuesday] Magic

The girls have a little mailbox, and occasionally the fairies leave them a note in it.

On Christmas morning, the fairies left this special package in their mailbox.

A glass tube, with a tiny “E & R” key for “Elena & Rosa,” and a note of some sort, with a delicate wax seal stamped with a “P.”

What kind of a note? What did it say?

Here, read for yourself:

(from “Peonia + all your fairy and animal friends” – “friends” is on the back).

Peonia visits the girls while they’re sleeping and leaves them notes in tiny handwriting – sometimes they’re even written backwards. She tells them all about the other fairies living in and around our yard/garden as well as how to watch out for the goblins. Useful information: beware of crows. They are spies for the goblins.

When you’re 6 and 9 years old, the world is filled with magic.

As it should be.

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