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Star Wars Propaganda Posters

May 4th is apparently Star Wars Day. As in: May the 4th be with you.

Thanks to the deluge of Star Wars links on Twitter yesterday, I found these posters. I love the original Star Wars. I love propaganda posters. And these are very very clever:

Rebuild the Death Star

Cruise the galaxy propaganda poster

Unite Stormtroopers poster

Loose Lips Bring Down Starships poster

At Ats Darth Vader and Stormtroopers poster

Celebrate Princess Leia propaganda poster

We still have my husband’s Star Wars action figures (and their Kenner carrying case). Except for Hammerhead. He met an untimely death in the Great Fireplace Melting of 1978.

I don’t know all the artists, except for the ones with Cliff Chiang‘s stamp on them, and the ones who are named in the original blog post: Mike Kungl, Joe Corroney, and Dane of Monkey Minion Press. (See a few more poster designs in the original blog post).

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Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Break New Ground by Victory Gardens of Tomorrow Grow Food by Victory Gardens of Tomorrow

Compost by Victory Gardens of Tomorrow Eat Local Greens by Victory Gardens of Tomorrow

Keep Growing by Victory Gardens of Tomorrow Keep Em Flying by Victory Gardens of Tomorrow

Fantastic propaganda poster inspired design for these local foods/gardening posters by Victory Garden of Tomorrow advocating for “better food, better gardens, and better cities.” Hear hear!

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Images: Victory Garden of Tomorrow

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