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Easy Color Block Garland

Color block garland supplies. Craft by Project Wedding Color block garland by Project Wedding

This One Lovely Day/Project Wedding craft looks tailor-made for Valentine’s Day, but imagine switching the red and pink for black and metallic gold, or silver and pink for a lovely New Year’s party decoration.

The best crafts are the ones that can be easily adapted for many different occasions.

Get the tutorial here.

Images: One Lovely Day/Project Wedding

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Birthday Party Round Up

A few shots of Rosa’s birthday party details, plus a party favor idea that I think is my favorite yet:

ABC Paper Cups by I Am Design

Perhaps you saw these ABC Paper Cups (by Korean company “He was born” previously “I am design”) when they made the blog rounds earlier this year? I’d forgotten about them, then found them again about a month ago and impulsively ordered them from Pint Size Social. They are awfully cute, and I can’t bear to use them with any liquid that might ruin them.

Floral garland kit by Paper Source

Floral garland kit ($11.95) by Paper Source. This kit is a bit tedious to put together (you have to punch out all the flowers, then thread them on a ribbon), but perhaps I shouldn’t have waited until the night before the party to bust it out. I do love how it looks, and I love how long it is (30 feet), so I haven’t taken it down yet. The kit comes with four different color flowers: cream, a blush pink, white, and a pearly white.

Robots and snowflakes crafts for Rosa's birthday party

The kids decorated these cardboard robots and paper snowflakes I found at the craft store.

Giant balloon birthday party decoration

I bought three of these giant (36″) balloons to decorate the house. It was hard to take a nice picture of them, because they are so large (and are still so large, three days later!) If you are considering them for a party, you can buy them online, although the party store might carry them too. Have them filled at your party store, which likely has the right kind of equipment to fill them up (the dollar store had no clue what to do with them) and also the expertise to tie them off (which is not as easy as you might think). Also, if you drive a Prius, or a similarly small car, make sure the balloons will actually fit (they did, barely).

Chalkboard tin birthday party favors by Charlotte's Fancy

Inspired by these chalkboard labels (purchased here – note all the different shapes and sizes), I found some great tins at the craft store for party favors, and Rosa wrote her friends’ names on the labels.

Chalkboard label tin birthday party favor by Charlotte's Fancy

Then we filled them with fun stuff: chalk, modeling clay, a punch balloon that we put in an old school vending machine capsule (from Hey Yo Yo), a mini shape puncher, and some candy.

Elena’s friends will be getting a very similar favor, but in mason jars instead of the white tins.

There wasn’t a theme to this party – I kind of threw it together haphazardly this year. I relied on the old standards for party games (freeze dance, simon says) and a few others that I found online, and the party flew by quickly. Rosa’s friends all brought donations of new kids’ books to the party in lieu of gifts, which Rosa and I are going to donate later this week to a shelter for domestic violence victims. I’m so proud of Rosa for willingly (and eagerly) forgoing gifts this year to help out others.

Now, on to Christmas, and then to the almost-10-year-old’s party in mid January before I can put this crazy birthday/holiday season behind me until next December. Whew!

All images: Charlotte’s Fancy

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Favorites: INK + WIT Bunting

Bunting by Ink + Wit.

So lovely. In fact, every single thing Tara makes is beautiful.

Images: INK + WIT

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[Crafty Monday] Favorite DIY Wedding & Party Ideas

I don’t know anyone who’s about to get married, but my favorite DIY wedding favors and decorating ideas are always the ones that I (and you) can use for any party.

Candy wrapped in pretty paper and tied with some lace ribbon spotted at Style Me Pretty

I love these really creative and inexpensive table lamps by Save on Crafts (via Casa Sugar)

Gorgeous fabric pom poms on Once Wed make lovely decorations

Pretty paper confetti holders might also other small party favor treasures, at Style Me Pretty

I think that these pretty paper bird cages at The Bride’s Cafe would be perfect for Elena and Rosa’s room

If you celebrate Easter, did the Easter Bunny bring you something yummy? I am entering candy rehab today.

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[Crafty Monday] Print Your Own Fairy Tale

Hello everyone! Did you have a nice weekend? I hope so.

Do you want to see something pretty cute and fun to start off your Monday? Take a look at these paper projects: print your own fairy tales (Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs).

Red Riding Hood Three Little Pigs

They come from Canon’s Creative Park website, which I mentioned very briefly last year for a really neat printable calendar. If you’re not familiar with the website, you should bookmark it, because it is a treasure trove of  fun projects that you can print and assemble yourself (provided you have a printer, cardstock, and an inheritance that will help you buy all the printer ink you’re going to need).

You can get the pdfs of the patterns and instructions by clicking on the links above. Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs are pretty easy compared to many of the more elaborate patterns. I highly recommend that you look through their “Paper Craft” section for some amazing projects. You could use many of the patterns as party decorations and favors.

I’m going to print this one out (the Merry Go Round Picture Castle) and try my hand at assembling it with the girls:

Merry Go Round Picture Castle

Wish us luck!

Are you starting to think about Halloween? I am. I might be sharing some Halloween things this week…

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