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List Makers Unite!

Adele Miller, the creative talent behind modernemotive eco-friendly paper goods, just launched a very useful and oh so pretty line of notepads to keep you organized.

“Quit Procrastinating” daily chores notepad

“Bon Appétit” grocery shopping notepad

“Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” project notepad

To give you some background, Adele previously had a line of notecards and personalized stationery (I featured her cards here and here) which I always liked. I wanted to understand a little better what made her decide to switch products and what’s in store for the future, so we had a little chat:

Why did you change direction and move away from your card/stationery line?

“While I wouldn’t say I have moved on from them entirely (some will/may comeback), since the beginning of modernemotive, I always knew I didn’t want to be just a greeting card/social stationery company. I went that route initially to test the response to my work (and also keep my investment low) but in the back of mind, I always had plans to focus my line on more work/lifestyle products. I now feel ready to make that product shift, and I’m truly excited about the future of modernemotive.

Also, many of my products were personalized, and weren’t wholesale-able, and now I plan to drive my main revenue through wholesaling.

What led you to notepads?

My own personal need.

As someone that still writes her to-do’s on paper (my life is digital enough, plus I LOVE marking stuff as done with a highlighter!), the designer in me was constantly making my lists “pretty.” With a tendency to procrastinate myself, the theme/structure of the notepads simply arose from a personal need, and the translation to a product line naturally emerged.

I can totally relate to making lists and crossing things off – sometimes I write things down on my To Do list that I’ve already done, just to be able to cross them off!

So, what does the future look like for modernemotive?

I certainly have new products in the works, but you will have to wait and see what they are! I will say though that my main focus when releasing new product lines will be function. So you’ll be seeing more paper goods that can be used on a regular basis from me.

Also, I’m now choosing to release products in collections rather than one offs here and there. Using this model allows me to be more focused and make better investment decisions. Also, designing with a collective theme in mind allows me to create work that is cohesive and well-rounded which is very important to me.

Wholesale is definitely the next major step for my company. I’ve had wholesale interest previously, but I really wasn’t ready from a production level. At the time, I was doing all of the printing/production in-house and as a perfectionist, I was worried the quality of work could decline while trying to meet the demand by myself. Now that all of my products are professionally printed/produced, I’m much more prepared to fulfill orders smoothly and will be offering wholesale within the next month or two. This will be a big move for me and I am very excited.

Congrats to you, Adele!

Each of her six new designs come in your choice of pink, aqua, orange or green. Love what you see? Head straight to her shop.

You can also subscribe to her blog (and see pics of her beautiful dogs!) and follow her on Twitter.

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