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Favorites: Scholten and Baijings Tea Towels for HAY

Scholten & Baijings tea towels

Scholten & Bajings tea towels neon pink

Scholten & Bajings tea towels forest Scholten & Bajings tea towels gradient

Scholten & Bajings tea towels kitchen tile Scholten & Bajings tea towels hanging grid

Scholten & Baijings tea towels for HAY in “Box” (top two photos).

Middle: “Cold Forest” and “Gradient”
Bottom: “Kitchen Tiles” and “Hanging Grid”

Sold as sets of two, with one of them in a neon version, S&B’s signature style. Available in the US via the Finnish Design Shop ($28/set).

From the archives: gorgeous Scholten & Baijings bedding for HAY (also available at Finnish Design Shop).

Images courtesy HAY

Tomorrow I’m sharing my Summer Fun List, so stay tuned!

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