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[Crafty Monday] Spring Baskets

These sweet baskets are an easy, Spring-y craft to start off your week, and I bet you have all or almost all of the supplies in your house already. These can be homemade Easter baskets, or just sweet little containers to hold whatever you want.

I knew I’d come up with a use for those oatmeal containers and Sprinkles Cupcake containers I’ve been saving.


Oatmeal container, or similar cylindrical container (with a lid)
Spray glue
Glue gun
Hole punch
X-acto knife

For Decorating the Baskets

Fabric flowers

Using an X-acto knife, cut the oatmeal container in half. Use the lid as the bottom for one of your baskets.

Cut a strip of colored paper the length and width of the basket and then use spray glue to glue it down. (You may need to do some trimming at the top of bottom after you’ve glued the paper down).

Punch two holes on opposite sides of the container (you will string ribbon through the holes later to make the handle).

Now it’s time to decorate the baskets with the materials of your choice. I found a big bag of these fabric flowers at the teacher supply store. You can probably find them at any craft store (or I can send you my leftovers. I have approximately 1 billion of them left).

Using a glue gun, glue the flowers onto the basket. I tried to fit as many on there as possible, including gluing small flowers on top of the bigger flowers. Then, for added decoration, I glued buttons to the middles of the flowers.

Thread a ribbon through the two holes and tie knots at the ends. I used grosgrain ribbon. You can also use wired ribbon.

Isn’t it pretty? It was so easy to make, too.

This is the other half of the Oatmeal container. First I glued a piece of fabric onto the container (again, using spray glue), and then I used a glue gun to glue pieces of ribbon around the basket.

This is a smaller cardboard cylinder container (a Sprinkles Cupcakes container). I glued a piece of yellow paper to it, and then I used this decorative button ribbon – an embellishment that I got from an Anthropologie gift box a long time ago and had never used. All I did was wrap it around a few times, and I was done. Added a red polka dot ribbon for the handle. I’m thinking about taking this one to my office.

My favorite crafts are the ones – like this one – that seem to have endless variations. You can use wrapping paper to make these pretty, as well as other kinds of fabric, flowers and buttons. You could hide a small glass vase inside the basket and add flowers. You can make pencil holders, use them as party favors, or as a special treat for a friend.

Let your creativity take over!

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