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[Family Friday] Our Christmas Stockings

Last weekend we decorated the house for Christmas (a little early for us, actually). And as I took out our stockings, which the girls had been begging me all weekend to do, I got that feeling like I was seeing an old friend again.

My grandmother made my stocking. It’s a sequined tree with “presents” underneath, and my name at the bottom. Made from red felt (and maybe a little worse for the wear, after 37 years):

(My real name is Mary, and my middle initial is L, though I’ve always gone by Molly).

Here’s a closer look at the tree:

Each of my siblings had different baubles under our Christmas trees. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture below, but I’ve got a camera and a set of tools, a cookbook, a baby, a strawberry and Santa on a sled. I think those are the original presents.

Occasionally we’d ask my mom to add something under the tree—like the time I asked my mom to add a tiny Speak and Spell toy (remember the Speak and Spell?) – it came with an E.T. figurine. (It’s to the right of Santa – you can only see part of it in this photo):

My grandmother also personalized what was at the top of our tree (mine: an angel, some doves, a moon and stars), as well as what material she used to write out our names at the bottom of the stocking.

I was always jealous of my brother’s stocking. He has jingle bells dangling like pom poms from the bottom of his.

After my grandmother passed away, my mom took up the job of sewing stockings for each new family member.

Here’s Rolando’s:

We lived in Texas when we got married, hence the cowboy boots and Willie Nelson record. Rolando is also a good cook and a big soccer fan. I can’t explain the Cat in the Hat book or the American Express card.

And here are Elena’s and Rosa’s stockings:

And see how Rosa’s top of the tree is reminiscent of mine?

Look at the work my mom has put into the trees. Aren’t they beautiful?

The girls spent a good long time looking at their stockings after I hung them up, just like I used to. The stockings have always been my favorite part of Christmas.

Do you have special stockings too? I’d love to hear about them – or better yet, I would love to see them. Does anyone want to send me a snapshot of your stocking to If I get any, (GIGANTIC HINT),  I will feature them in a little gallery.

What do you think? Sound good? Good.

On Monday, I’m going to share pics of some other fun, Christmas-y things from my childhood that you might want to turn into your own craft projects. But first, I have approximately 10,000 things on my To Do list this weekend, including running a 5K tomorrow morning. The entrance fee is an unwrapped new toy for local needy families. Yay for all the generous people who are participating!

Happy Weekend to you all!

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