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[Handmade Wednesday] Last Minute Christmas Gifts

For you procrastinators (I’m not naming any names here), some last minute gift ideas. Remember to check the shipping dates of the shops to make sure you will receive your items in time for Christmas.

Limited edition Ice Cream Van (blue) 8.45″ x 8.45″ print ($45) by Hello Marine
Self adhesive kawaii mailing/gift labels, set of 6, ($5.50) by chi chi memories

Turquoise Rainbow Love Heart ($15) by I Love Hearts
Woodland Necklace ($23) by Luster Studio

Four-pack of multi-design cards ($10) by She Draws
White Clouds children’s long sleeve t-shirt ($25) by Little Chook

Let’s Go Fly a Bike, hand embroidered & colored, 12″ x 15″  ($45) by The Frog’s Eyebrows
Chloe necklace ($85) by Elisha Long

Bike Bag TopTube Velo Pocket ($40) by Hambone Designs
Lola the Boston Terrier Wool Felt Applique Decorative Pillow ($18) by Cuore

Teeny Hearties Wall Wear ($42) by nea jewelry & stitching
Ode to Chicken Little mittens ($25) by Qute

2010 Seasons Letterpress calendar ($22) by Becca Heuer
The Red Balloon wooden triptych ($45) by Mrs. Eliot Books

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[Handmade Holidays] Buying Handmade

Gingerbread Hearts by MadeWithLovebyHannah

A few heartfelt words from little ol’ me:

As you’re thinking about what to get for the people on your holiday gift lists, please consider buying handmade as much as possible, either from the shops featured here on Charlotte’s Fancy, or other independent artists and their handmade gifts. They deserve our support for the hard work, care and warmth they put into their businesses and the pretty things they make for us.

I’ve never met so many nice people as all of the shop owners on Etsy – many of whom I follow on Twitter too. I’ve already bought a few things myself and have gotten so much joy from chatting with the owners* and telling them how much I like and appreciate their work and creativity. Invariably they wrap the packages beautifully, include extra goodies, and always a very kind handwritten note of thanks.

Each package is like receiving a gift, even if it’s not for yourself. What could be better than that?

*Jacqui of Mee a Bee, Jen of Sophie & Lili, Jessica of Miniature Rhino, Sol Linero, and Lindsey of b. children’s wear

♥ ♥ ♥

Oh—and if you have liked the gift guides and generally what you see here on Charlotte’s Fancy, I’d love it if you shared this blog with others and left me a comment every now and then. It always makes my day to hear from you. (Really.)

Photo: Gingerbread Hearts by Made With Love by Hannah

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[Handmade Holidays] Stocking Stuffers Part 1

Stocking Stuffer Rules According to Molly:

1. This one is the most important rule: Stocking stuffers don’t actually have to fit into the stockings to qualify as stocking stuffers.* I will never forget the year my mom Santa put a stack of coloring books (a STACK!) and a big box of crayons with them next to my stocking. Pure joy.

*Santa didn’t hang the stockings back up on the fireplace, which may be different from your house; at my house he scattered them around the room, so that he could surround them with little piles of presents that didn’t fit in the stockings.

2. Sometimes stocking stuffers cost as much as gifts under the tree, but that’s ok – it’s what makes stockings extra special.

3. While I understand that oranges used to be a treat in the old timey days, no kid of mine is getting an orange in her stocking.

4. Stockings should never be an afterthought. When I was a kid, stockings were actually better than the presents under the tree.

OK? OK. Glad we’ve got that cleared up.

So I’ve got a whole bunch of picks here and again tomorrow – many of them are shops I featured last week, many are new, not all are Etsy. I hope you love these picks as much as I do.

Bike business card holder by HARE and DRUM Honey Sugar Scrub by OneHoney

Bicycle Wood Business Card Holder ($25) by HARE and DRUM
Honey Sugar Scrub, 20 oz. ($25) by One Honey

purse pouch pencil case by Helen Rawlinson House tea towel by PataPri

Purse/Pouch/Pencil Case ($23) by Helen Rawlinson
House Tea Towel ($14) by PataPri

Elephant Parade by matiekiller Acorns Roasting on an Open Fire by Lisa DeJohn

Elephant Parade Print ($20) by matiekiller
Acorns Roasting on an Open Fire Print ($20) by Lisa DeJohn

Boston Terrier Rubber Stamp by nikoart I Like Pretty Things Pencils by Olive Manna

Boston Terrier Stamp ($5) by nikoart
I Like Pretty Things Pencils, set of 3 ($4.95) by Olive Manna

iPod Touch or iPhone Case by byrdandbelle Octopus Pocket Mirror by SparklePaw

iPod or iPhone Case ($19) by byrd and belle
Octopus Pocket Mirror ($7) by SparklePaw

Wooden Picture Frame Brooch by enna love letter shirt by bchildrenswear

Wooden Picture Frame Brooch ($15 each) by enna
Love Letter Shirt ($18) by b children’s wear

Red Striped Ornament by FernAnimals Ceramic Owl Desk Planter in Yellow by FruitFlyPie

Red Striped Ornament ($35) by Fern Animals/Ashley Anna Brown
Ceramic Vintage Style Owl Desk Planter ($24) by fruitflypie

Card set by DwellDeep Bird Tea Towels by AnnaJoyce

Set of 3 Cards ($8.50) by Dwell Deep
Bird Tea Towels, set of 3 ($30) by Anna Joyce

Snow Bird Ceramic Magnet Set by SweetTidings box of tarts by ikatbag

Snow Bird Ceramic Magnets ($2.50) by Sweet Tidings
Box of Felt Tarts ($13) by ikatbag

Tomorrow: even more stocking stuffer goodness!

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[Handmade Holidays] Gifts for Babies

I need all of my friends to start having babies right away, because I  have a lot of baby gift ideas…

Custom Name Plate by Ninainvorm Kanoe Baby Hammock by studioleroux

Custom name plate ($60) by ninainvorm
Kanoe Baby Hammock ($290) by studioleroux

Chubby Night Owl by Rabbitsmoon Baby spoons by beehivekitchenware
Chubby Night Owl ($21) by rabbitsmoon
Baby spoons ($22 each) by beehivekitchenware

Number Pipeline Print by ModernPop FLOCK organic cotton baby blanket by Organic Quilt Co

Number Pipeline Print ($25) by ModernPop
Flock Organic Cotton Baby Quilt ($44.50) by Organic Quilt Company

Happy Cloud tshirt by jenskelley Snookie by Chickabiddybaby

Happy Cloud t-shirt ($12) by Jen Skelley
Lovely Lilac Snookie with personalization ($40) by Chickabiddybaby

Elf hat by ManiMina Eames Rocker Custom Baby Print by PrettyMod

Elf Hat ($16) by Mani-Mina
Eames Rocker Baby Name Birth Date Keepsake Print ($35) by prettymod

Modern Striped Stocking by MissMosh Pear Tree Wall Art by khamm75

Modern Striped Candy Cane Stocking ($25) by MissMosh
Pear Tree Wall Art ($38) by Almost Sunday

Mix n Match Fruit Hats by KnitrGal Wooli Felt Garden Diaper Caddy by BabysBreath

Mix n Match Fruit Hats (Pick 3 for $60) by LA Originals
Wooli Felt Garden Diaper Caddy ($49) by BabiesBreath

Custom Silhouette Ornament by lepapierstudio Deer in the Woods Growth Chart by AnnaJoyce

Custom Silhouette Ornament ($30) by lepapierstudio
Deer in the Woods Growth Chart ($84) by Anna Joyce

Soft Blocks by Smidgebox Designs

Custom cloth blocks ($50 for set of 3, each additional block $10) by SmidgeboxDesign

♥ ♥ ♥

Is it Friday already? It’s been an especially fun week here – thanks to all of you for your kind comments, which we love reading.

The beauty of these gift guides is that if you really liked them, you can bookmark them for anytime you need gift ideas (and not just gifts for the holidays). Right? Karin and I both added a lot of new Etsy shops to our favorites.

Next week we’re starting the week off with some holiday card ideas, then we’ve got a whole lotta stocking stuffer fun, and finally, gifts for the person who has it all.

See you on Monday!

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[Handmade Holidays] Gifts for Little Boys

Ok, you’re right. We had just as much fun picking out these gifts for little boys as we did for yesterday’s little girls’ gift guide.

Tell us if there’s anything you especially love in today’s guide – we’d love to know.

Aquatic Cowboys by Jenskelley Bear Woodland Set by Smalltown Toys

Aqua Cowboy Print ($30) by jenskelley
Bear Woodland Set ($80) by small town toys

Beep beep car stamp set by The Small Object Bernard Monster Shirt by NissaLisa

The Beep Beep Car Stamp Set ($18) by The Small Object
Bernie the Monster t-shirt ($28.50) by NissaLisa

Blast Off Finger Puppet Set by Stay Awake Vintage Camera tshirt by bchildrenswear

Blast Off Finger Puppet set ($35) by stay awake
Say Cheese Vintage Camera t-shirt ($20) by b children’s wear

Child's Treasure Box by Illustrious Rose Cotton Circles Wooden Sailboat by Willowbaus

Treasure Chest ($55) by Illustrious Rose
Organic Cotton Circle Wooden Toy Boat ($19) by willowbaus

Lemon Ball vintage style baseball by LemonBall Winter Special Edition Boy Doll by Hasenpfeffer

Lemon Ball Vintage-style Baseball ($28) by Lemon Ball
Special Edition Winter Boy Doll ($104.25) by hasenpfeffer

Gertrude the Goldfish by MiChiMa Tiny Friend by KidsHaus

Gertrude the Goldfish ($7 each) by MiChiMa
Tiny Friend print ($25) by KidsHaus

Zoo Block set by Tiny Giraffe Shop Little Hero Lightning Cape by Discovery Denim

Zoo Blocks, set of 13 with drawstring bag ($30) by tiny giraffe
Little Hero Cape ($42) by Discovery Denim

Of course, pretty much all of these gifts work for little girls too.

Tomorrow: We’re going a little crazy with the Gifts for Babies guide. We can’t help ourselves.

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[Handmade Holidays] Gifts for Little Girls

Karin and I have three girls between us. No boys. We’re all girlie, all the time, so we especially loved picking out today’s gift guide.

How can you resist any one of these items? That’s right, you can’t.

Forest Friends Little Kid Satchel by Mee a Bee Custom Kid Portrait on Canvas by Little Pink House

Forest Friends Satchel ($30) by Mee a Bee
Custom Kid Portrait on Canvas ($165) by LittlePinkHouse

Block Printed Chickadee Shirt by 1girl1boy Hannah Flat Notecards by PeonyPaperie

Chickadee shirt ($22) by 1girl1boy
“Hannah” notecards set of 12 ($12) by Peony Paperie

Apple Maryjane Flats by Utopiapedia Hayride Ruffle Cape Tweed by Redpossum

Apple Maryjane Flats ($20) by Utopiapedia
Hayride Ruffle Cape in Tweed ($60) by red possum

Caterpillar Wool Felt Hair Clip by Sundrop Clips Nahla Bear by All Things Small

Caterpillar and assorted hair clips ($5) by Sun Drop Clips
Nahla Bear with Coloring Book Set ($57) by all things small

Forest Critters Wall Stickers by Mae Flower Fairy by Fairyfolk

Forest Critters Reusable Wall Stickers ($74.50) by Mae
Felted Flower Fairy ($30) by FairyFolk

Mary Had a Little Unicorn by Helen Dardik Nest Sweet Nest by SugarElf

Mary Had a Little Unicorn, 8 x 8 print ($20) by Helen Dardik
Nest. Sweet Nest, wool bird in a cotton nest ($25) by Sugar Elf

Sasha Dress by ManiMina Bunny and Radish print by yumiyumi

The Sasha Dress ($22) by Mani-Mina
Bunny and Radish, 8.5 x 11″ print ($20) by yumiyumi

Which is your favorite? I’ll confess: I bought one thing (so far!) in today’s gift guide. I can’t tell you which – but it’s more fun to guess anyway. (Ok, if you ask me on Twitter, I’ll tell you!)

Tomorrow: rats and snails and puppy dog tails.

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