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Make This: Decorated Halloween Bucket by Mer Mag

Decorated Halloween bucket by mer mag

Adorable Halloween bucket, using just a handful of supplies, brought to you by the incredibly talented Mer Mag (click the link for the tutorial).

I’d love to know what costumes your kids are wearing this Halloween. My 11 year old is sewing a Victorian dress (yes, really), and my 8 year old is still undecided, but I’m trying to talk her into this, which is possibly the best Halloween costume I have ever seen.

Images: Mer Mag

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Colorful Pumpkins by Normann Copenhagen

Colorful pumpkins by Normann Copenhagen

Colorful pumpkin display at Normann Copenhagen

Who wants boring old orange pumpkins when you can make these cool, brightly-colored pumpkins instead? Spotted on the Normann Copenhagen blog, all you need is paint (including white), paintbrushes, and of course, pumpkins.

See the how-to post here.

And don’t you wish you had a whole set of those Light House lanterns too? If not the whole set, then I think I’m partial to the pink.

Images: Normann Copenhagen

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Witch Craft Giveaway Winner!

witch craft crafting book by quirk books


Emily! I’ll be in touch to get the book to you. I think you’re going to love it.

To everyone else who left a comment: thank you! I wish I could send each one of you the book.

I’m back from Iceland (which I loved), trying to get settled into the regular routine again. I’ll see you here tomorrow with handmade favorites, and later in the week, I’ll share a handful of Iceland photos.

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Halloween Surprise Balls

orange and black Halloween inspired surprise balls

Last year for Rosa’s birthday, I made surprise balls as party favors, which were a lot of fun to make, and the kids really enjoyed them. I decided it would be fun to make a Halloween version of them too, with orange and black crepe paper.


  • Orange and black crepe paper cut into strips of about 36″
  • A small plastic ball (I found some at the craft store in the dollar bin with bath confetti in them)
  • Small Halloween trinkets and treats
  • Halloween stickers and/or ribbon

Halloween trinkets for surprise balls

Put a couple of treats in the plastic ball (use the bulkiest treats to go into the ball), and take your first length of crepe paper and wrap it around the ball. Pull the crepe paper tight as you wrap, but be careful not to rip it.

wrapping crepe paper around the Halloween surprise ball

wrapping crepe paper around the surprise ball

Lay another treat on top of the ball, and wrap another layer of crepe paper around it. Keep adding the trinkets and wrapping – one trinket and one layer of crepe paper at a time, until you’ve used up all the trinkets.

wrapping layers of crepe paper around surprise ball

When you have finished wrapping all the treats into the layers, secure the end with a sticker or piece of tape. You can also tie it with a ribbon around the ball if you like.

Halloween surprise ball with spooky sticker closure

The stickers are from Martha Stewart’s Halloween collection for Michael’s Craft Store.

Kids will love unwrapping the layers and discovering all the treats inside.

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Look Into My Eyes

vintage photos with googly eyes glued to them.

The fall issue of Sweet Paul magazine hit the virtual newsstand recently, and in it, you will find this fun, silly and simple Halloween decor idea: glue googly eyes to your vintage photos to give your ancestors a creepy makeover.

All you need are photos, googly eyes (which come in several different sizes and colors at the craft store) and some glue.

If you don’t want to do this to your originals, you can make copies and put the eyes on your copies, or do like I did: find images through a Google image search and print out ones that you like.

vintage group photo of ancestors with googly eyes glued to it

vintage wedding photo with googly eyes on groom

Rosa was easily amused by these as I was making them, so when she wasn’t looking, I printed out this photo and glued some green eyes to it to make her laugh:

photos of kids with green googly eyes glued to it

Fun Halloween decorations that only take minutes to make? My kind of craft! I’ll have several more Halloween crafts this month, so stay tuned for those.

If you’re not familiar with Sweet Paul magazine, I highly recommend it – lots of great recipes, crafts, handmade finds, and it’s absolutely beautiful to look at. The white Halloween feature in the fall issue is really cool. I can’t wait to see all the goodies in the holiday issue.

And, did you get a chance to see Pushing Papers – my new blog dedicated to paper goods? If not, please click on over. I’m offering my first giveaway today! You have until Friday to enter. Good luck!

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[Crafty Monday] Peek-a-BOO! Haunted Houses

This lift-the-flap haunted house craft is something I used to do all the time when I was a kid. I don’t know if I learned at school, or I made up on my own,  but it’s a fun and easy craft.

You’ll need:

  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife, or small sharp scissors
  • Markers/crayons/colored pencils
  • Stickers (optional)

Step 1:

Draw freehand, or use a template to cut out the outline of a haunted house. I printed this one out, then drew it freehand on a piece of black construction paper

Haunted House template

Step 2:

Take a white or silver colored pencil and draw some windows in the house

Drawing the windows and doors

Step 3:

For some windows, use an x-acto knife or small sharp scissors and cut out three sides (for the lift-the-flap windows). If you want to have open windows too, just cut out the whole outline. Once you have cut out the windows/doors, flip the house over (so you don’t see your pencil lines) and glue the house onto another sheet of construction paper. Orange makes it spookier, but white makes it easier to draw the crazy characters who will appear behind the flaps.

Glue Haunted House to paper

Step 4:

Draw your scary creatures behind the windows and doors and decorate the rest of the page too. We used a combination of drawing and stickers. I resisted getting out the glitter.

A spooky haunted house

What's behind the doors and windows

This is a fun book for learning how to draw goofy monsters:

Ed Emberley's Weirdos

Here’s Rosa making her haunted house:

IMG_8787 IMG_8788

Rosa's Haunted House 3 Rosa's Haunted House 4

Creak creak creak creak! Go away!

Of course, this same idea can be adapted for other designs: a gingerbread house, a cute country cottage, an apartment building in the big city. I have in mind the idea to make a little woodland animal/fairy cottage scene for Elena.

Elena, meanwhile, was not so much into spooky Halloween scenes. She was too busy making portraits of her Little People (of the vintage Fisher Price variety). How cute is this?

Elena's Little People drawing

Elena and her drawing

One of the easiest ways to get crafty with the kids is to take a big roll of white paper (I get mine at the teacher supply store), tape it to the top of the table and let them draw whatever they want.  They love it.

Girls coloring at the table

Rosa's Happy Drawing

When the trees and sun are happy, the whole world is happy.

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[Crafty Monday] Easy Halloween Crafts

Ugh. That’s how I’ve been feeling for the last three days, in bed with a nasty head cold. Thank you, back-to-school germs!

I had a Halloween craft that I wanted to do with the girls this weekend, but couldn’t gather enough energy to do it, once it became apparent that I didn’t actually buy the pad of construction paper that I thought I’d bought.  So, that’s going to have to wait.

Instead, here are three simple Halloween crafts/decorations you might like to try.

First, these Mummy pots from Better Homes and Gardens are very clever and simple:

mummy pots

Martha has a zillion ideas. I like this glittery skull and bones idea – plus, it doubles as decoration for your Indiana Jones themed birthday party…

glittery skulls

And from Make and Takes, these mini witch brooms. I just like how perfect they look, and I’m also thinking that these are just about fairy size too.

Mini Witch Brooms

Speaking of fairies, I haven’t talked about Elena and the fairies lately, but she has been preparing for their return (if you recall, they spent the summer in Canada, safe from lawnmowers), by sprinkling copious (and I mean COPIOUS) amounts of glitter all around the yard, as well as a potion (colored water) to keep the evil goblins away.

I can’t really complain about having a sparkly lawn.  But I might keep complaining about this stupid head cold.

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