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[Family Friday] Sewing Lessons + An Amazing Dress

First of all, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my 9 year old today. Elena asked me if I was going to tell everyone it’s her birthday, and when I said yes, she clapped her hands and squealed with delight. Easily pleased, that kid.

Elena has been taking sewing lessons for about a year and a half from Sewing on the Edge here in NJ (highly recommended, if, by some coincidence, you happen to be reading this blog and live in central New Jersey and want sewing lessons!).

Toward the end of last year, Elena worked long and hard on a dress for her American Girl doll. It’s taken me too long to feature it here, but today seems like the perfect day. I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty darn amazing, especially for a 9 year old:

This dress took her about 6 weeks (that is, 6 hours of work). She did it all by herself.

Yesterday, I took my camera to her sewing class and snapped a few shots. She just started working on a ruffle skirt for herself. You can see that the main part of the skirt is this purple-ish blue fabric, and the ruffle will be made from a sweet Japanese flower print.

I love the look of concentration on her face.

What a cutie pie. A 9 year old cutie pie.

* * *

I could really use your help. I struggle a lot with buying fabric for her clothes projects. Near me, there’s one independent fabric store with a mediocre selection and there’s a Joann Fabrics (also with a mediocre selection). I want to find nice fabric, including fun prints, which is suitable for kids’ clothing so that she’ll really want to wear the clothes she makes.

So, do you have recommendations for online fabric sources that you love?

I would appreciate any responses.

Thanks for all of your nice comments this week. Hope you have a great weekend!

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[Crafty Monday] Simple Clothes for Stuffed Animals

DIY Kids book cover

I bought this D.I.Y. KIDS book by Ellen and Julia Lupton for Elena awhile back, and she occasionally opens it up and does a little project. Yesterday, when I got home from the grocery store, she and her friend Haley surprised me with a wardrobe of clothes for their stuffed animals, made from fabric scraps.  I promised them I would feature the clothes on Charlotte’s Fancy today.

Everyone’s favorite is this ridiculously fashionable Panda with her scarf, vest and skirt. Elena made these from jersey fabric. What the girls found is that jersey was the easiest and best to work with because it stretches to fit different stuffed animals.

Miss Panda and her wardrobe

Don’t you wish you looked this good?

Panda's Clothes

The top is the skirt – cut a round piece of fabric, then a hole in the middle
The middle is the vest. Start with a rectangle-shaped piece of fabric, snip the two upper corners, then cut two holes for the arms.
The bottom is the very versatile scarf, with two holes for the ears.

Miss Arctic Rabbit and her poncho

Because all arctic hares need ponchos and rain hats, right?

Arctic Rabbit's wardrobe

The poncho is a square-shaped piece of fabric with a hole in the middle.
The hat is a circle-shaped piece of fabric with two holes for the ears.

Miss Foxy and her double ruffle skirt

Miss Foxy thang and her double ruffle skirt. The girls created this clever ruffle look by cutting out two skirts (one a little bigger than the other) and putting them both on. Miss Foxy is also sporting a vest and tiny hat.

Miss Guinea Pig and her get up

You may know her as Linny from the Wonder Pets, but now you’ll know her as an up and coming runway model. Purple couture scarf, hat, vest and skirt by Haley.

The Fashion Animals

“Fashion Animals” as the girls called them.

You can find a very simple tutorial for a circle skirt on the D.I.Y. Kids website as well as a handful of other fun projects from the book. If you have a kid who likes to make things, this is an excellent little book.

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