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Dee and Lala Press

Dee & Lala Press is one of my personal favorites. Unique, charming designs.

These plywood wall art designs ($49.95) are new to their shop – aren’t they lovely?

Take a look at some of their letterpress cards:

Lettuce Celebrate!

“Take two … (and call me in the morning)”

“Thank you”

“Happy Birthday (Hope your day doesn’t blow)”

They don’t have it on their website at the moment, but last winter, they were offering this letterpressed holiday design (but without the personalization – this version below is not letterpressed and is available at

This is a very nice, affordable version of the card, but the texture of the original letterpressed logs and brick is what makes it truly special. I hope they offer it again this year because the design has really stuck with me (it’s May, and I’m talking about last year’s holiday card. Need I say more?), incidentally, has a really terrific selection of designs and designers, including Dutch Door Press, INK + WIT, PiPo Press and many others. I’m impressed.

As an aside, several years ago I drooled over this PiPo Press rainbow invitation for Elena’s birthday party. Like the holiday card above, the rainbow design has stuck with me for a long time. Isn’t it perfect?

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Dee & Lala Press photography by Teri Lyn Fisher

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