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Handmade Favorites in Honor of the New Me

That is, in honor of the new Charlotte’s Fancy.

Blue and orange toddler pinafore ($28) by Red Tree Designs
Vintage hazel atlas candy striped bowl ($11) by Dish Dash Kitchen Co.

Teal skirt for the unique girl ($69) by My Lola Fashion
Orange rose necklace ($26) by Earrings Nation

Vintage red crochet trim, 3 yards ($3.50) by Emma Dear
Mini airmail letter set ($3.99) by nothing elegant

Teal hemp/half bow bag ($32) by Tippy Thai
Treasure in Teal hand printed fabric ($6, 21″ x 12″) by Kalla

The Orange, set of 6 letterpress cards ($14) by Vandalia Street Press
Teal clutch with sweet flowers ($75) by Jennifer Ladd

The new blog design, by the way, is inspired for my love of all things paper. And this pillow by Blanca Gomez (which I received as a very special, surprise birthday present from my sweet friend Lesley) was the inspiration for the color scheme.

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Magical Menagerie + Cupcake Shoppe

In addition to the sweet cardboard suitcases I featured yesterday, I found two other things at Paper Source that I want to share.

Junzo Terada’s Magical Menagerie is a set of beautifully patterned cardboard animals that you punch out and put together. The best part (at least, this is what sold me) is that they come with envelopes, so with a little extra postage, you can send these beauties to your friends. Wouldn’t you like to get one in the mail to brighten up your day (and your desk)? I would.

(These two photos courtesy Upon a Fold – an insanely fabulous shop in Australia)

Also, I spotted and snagged this Cupcake Shoppe stationery set by Blanca Gomez. I’m starting to get embarrassed by how much I say I love her illustrations.

Cupcakes + stationery + Blanca Gomez = too awesome for words.

(Did I mention I also just bought this “Freewheeling” print in honor of National Bike Month?)

Both the Magical Menagerie ($24.95) and the Cupcake Shoppe stationery set ($9.95) are available from Chronicle Books. And if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll be sending one of those animals or cupcakes to your mailbox…

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[Favorites] Rifle Paper Co. Valentines

I wanted to share these gorgeous valentines from Rifle Paper Co. that happily arrived in my mailbox this morning. I got the assorted box of cards:

I’m a stationery/paper/art print junkie, so I love all kinds of designs out there, but every once in awhile, I fall head over heels for a designer (like Blanca Gomez – I would buy everything she designs). I feel that way about Rifle Paper Co. and Anna Bond – I honestly want to own everything she designs because what she does is so charming and pretty and deeply sweet.

Karin and I saw her custom wedding invites at the Renegade Craft Fair last summer (scroll to the bottom of that link – and note Karin’s comment that Rifle was the “best of show”), and I remember that we walked away from her booth breathless over those designs.

You can read her blog here. And become a fan on Facebook.

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[Design Thursday] Robert Samuel Hanson

I bookmarked graphic designer and illustrator Robert Samuel Hanson‘s website after seeing him on Grain Edit. His website is chock full of nice illustrations for a variety of clients including the New York Times Magazine, the Economist, Monocle and Readymade Magazine.

Here’s a series of bugs made from “household and other objects.” I especially love the bugs of the top row.

Design for the Tiny Showcase letterpress series

From his collection of various vector illustrations:

Screen print design for Early Griffin Press:

Header illustrations for FormFiftyFive (the header changed each day as the crab made its way across the desk)

I took my Katie Kirk “Sugar” print and my Blanca Gomez “Thinking” print to the frame shop today. Very excited to get those nicely framed and up on my wall.

I have some cute new friends, and I can’t wait for you to meet them tomorrow…

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[Design Thursday] Ana Aceves

Hi everyone! I’m back from Spain; we had a great time, but coming back home to bills and laundry and grocery shopping and work is always a bit rough, no?

Wasn’t it great to have Karin share some of her favorite things this week? Thanks for filling in, Kar. It’s nice to have a fresh voice. Didn’t you love yesterday’s monster hats? So cute. Wish my girls were small enough to still wear them.

Next week, I’m going to post some photos from the trip, if you’ll be so kind to indulge me, but today, let’s talk about Ana Aceves, whom I learned about on Natascha Rosenberg’s blog.

You can imagine my sheer delight to win Ana’s 2010 desk calendar in a giveaway on her blog. I love her delicate and sweet illustrations. I am so happy to have this calendar. Which is your favorite month? I like May, August (of course – birthday month!) and October.

Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all.

January July

February August

March September

April October

May November

June December

And take a look at these dioramas (you MUST see them full size at her website). They are magical.



Between Ana Aceves, Blanca Gómez, and Natascha Rosenberg, I clearly have a love affair with Spanish artists.

Yesterday, by the way, was our first anniversary here at Charlotte’s Fancy. That’s when Karin said to me, “I’m thinking about writing a blog. Want to do it with me?” And I accepted, without hesitation. Who knows how long we’ll keep this up, but I’ve really enjoyed the creative outlet for the last year, and I so appreciate everyone who stops by here to read our little posts each day. xo

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[Etsy Wednesday] Spotlight on Spain

Fabulous Etsy finds by Spanish artists (of course!), including my very favorite Etsy shop, Cosas Mínimas.

Sunny small city by Blancucha Voyageur by blancucha

Tall Blue House by Intres Brooch Brown Spring by Intres

Juliet blouse by Anna Fabo Barcelona Blouse by Anna Fabo

Strawberry Cake card by microcosmos Heart card by microcosmos

I have a yellow heart by krizePijama Bunny by Krize

Row 1: Sunny, Small City print $30 and Voyageur print $30  Cosas Mínimas

Row 2: Tall Blue House with Key $25 and Brown Brooch Spring $13 by Intres

Row 3: Juliet Blouse $185 and Barcelona Blouse $140 (on sale) by Anna Fabo

Row 4:  Heart card $3 and Strawberry Cake Card $3 by Microcosmos

Row 5: I Have a Yellow Heart double brooch $22 and Pijama Bunny Mon (toy) $35 by krize

Another Etsy favorite, Ninu, is from Barcelona but living in Turin, Italy. I love her bags.

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