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Apple Crafts Round Up

‘Tis the season for apple picking and apple crafts. Here’s a round up of some of my favorites:

Make your own apple placemats with this tutorial on Bloesem by Courtney Russell of Two Straight Lines

(and can someone please make me a bowl full of colorful balls like that?)

Apple printing here and here by Martha Stewart

Apple collage from recycled shopping bags and wrapping paper by kireei (in Spanish, but you can follow the pictures easily enough, or click the “English” link in the upper right corner to translate the page)

Adorable fabric apple garland by Roots and Wings Co. (via One Pretty Thing)

“Dappled apples” – from scraps of fabric and Mod Podge over at Mod Podge Rocks (also via One Pretty Thing)

We went apple picking and I got a load of very delicious Empire apples. I wanted to make these mini caramel apples that I saw on Craftzine last week, so I got the caramels and I got the pretzel sticks, and I scooped out the balls of apples.

And then everything went downhill from there.

The pretzel sticks didn’t insert that easily (and broke), and the caramel wanted nothing to do with the apple – like they were mortal enemies. So I tried her tip about coating the apples with white chocolate first, and the white chocolate didn’t want to stick to the apples either.

Sometimes the easiest looking crafts and recipes are the ones that cause you the most grief.

I managed to make about ten of them before I gave up. Here is what caramel apple failure looks like:

(Although the girls will tell you that they were very tasty).

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