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Renegade Brooklyn Round Up

A few photos of the things I bought at Brooklyn’s Renegade Craft Fair:

What I bought at Renegade Brooklyn

H Ceramics and Perch

Sugar bowl and creamer and small gray vase by H Ceramics (a new store – not stocked yet, but worth keeping an eye on it). For anyone in Pittsburgh, Heather has a new studio called BrickPitt Ceramic Studio that you should go see.

Yellow container by one of my favorites: Perch!

Work/Life 2 by Uppercase Magazine

Work/Life 2 – a book I’ve been meaning to buy, so I was happy to find it at the Uppercase booth. After leafing through it just a little bit, I decided I had to have Work/Life (the first one) so that I could have the set.

Letterpress dice print by Stukenborg

Stukenborg Studio‘s letterpress prints made with dice were a real standout for me at Renegade. The many different patterns were so interesting to look at, and seemed to change depending on whether you were inspecting them close up, or seeing them from a distance.

handprinted napkins by Namoo

I really liked the cute booth by Namoo which had beautiful baby blankets and toys, as well as a variety of other things, including this set of four handprinted napkins. I think it’s highly likely that I’ll get another set of 4 from her shop to replace some of my older cloth napkins. (Yes, we’re a cloth napkin family.)

bookmarks by namoo notebooks by tidiworld

Giant paper clip / fabric covered bookmarks by Namoo and a set of three notebooks by Tidiworld – many cute things in their booth, especially if you happen to have little girls in your life. Their masquerade dolls were cute in person.

I bought a couple of other things too, but they’re gifts and I can’t show them. I want to give credit to Miniature Rhino for being a booth where it was easy to find lovely treasures (thanks, Jessica!).

Some other favorites included Krank Press, Beau Ideal, Foxy & Winston, and Morris + Essex.

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Shop Handmade

Renegade Craft Fair Preview

I’m looking forward to these booths and dozens more at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn next weekend (June 11 – 12).

1. Nicce Dress by Pip-Squeak Chapeau
2. Masquerade Ball dolls by Tidiworld
3. Love pouches by Humunuku
4. Letterpress Dice print by Stukenborg Studio & Press
5. Rolsten Backpack by Shelter

In other Shop Handmade news, you should check out the new Worthsy website, where creators Jessika and Zoe will carefully curate one new handmade good to be auctioned each week. Their debut auction item, made by Jessika, is charming. If you are a handmade artist, you can submit your shop / goods for consideration, too.

Wishing you all a happy weekend! xo

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Cool Handmade Gifts for a Cool Dad

Father's Day Gifts by Charlotte's Fancy

1. weRobot glow in the dark t-shirt with 51 iconic robots by the Chop Shop
2. Manly and pensive custom Moleskine notebooks, set of 3, by big and mighty
3. Tools included Bike Roll by Bike Cozy
4. Strong Man print by Gold Teeth Brooklyn
5. Reclaimed wood desk caddy by Peg and Awl
6. T Rex on a bicycle t-shirt by Dark Cycle Clothing

Images by their respective owners

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Renegade Craft Fair Preview: d’emploi


The Renegade Craft Fair, Brooklyn edition, is coming up in a few weeks (June 11), and I’m looking forward to spending the day among the booths, which are always filled with such a huge variety of handmade goods.

d’emploi is a Brooklyn-based company “fueled by the desire to return thoughtful work to the finished object.” All of d’emploi’s items are made in New York on a Depression-era Singer with domestically produced canvas.

I picked a few items I like in their shop – especially the Pilot’s Bag (top left). It comes in navy too, but I think we can all agree that the red is awesome. Also, I’m thinking that any of these would make excellent Father’s Day gifts.

More Renegade Craft Fair previews to come over the next few weeks.

Images: d’emploi

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Garden Inspiration

Peonies by West of Whimsy

Peony letterpress by Missive

Pink Posy necklace by lapetiteposy

Inspired by my peony bushes, which are *thisclose* to blooming. Just a few more days, I hope.

Pink Peonies fine art print (8 x 10, $30) by West of Whimsy
Peony letterpress stationery (set of 6, $12 ) by Missive
Pink posy necklace ($20) by La Petite Posy

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Etsy Favorites: Sara Lee Parker

Flying geese fabric by Sara Lee Parker

Stormie with hearts tea towel by Sara Lee Parker

Lemonade napkins in blueberry by Sara Lee Parker

Cinammon and Jade stripe screen print tea towel by Sara Lee Parker

I wish that:

1).  I could go to the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philly this weekend to see Sara Lee Parker‘s textiles (I’ll be at the National Stationery Show instead, so I guess I can’t complain!), or

2). That she was coming to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn next month.

Great designs, great colors. See her shop, which also includes some paper goods.

Images: Sara Lee Parker

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Strange Planet Animals

I am mesmerized by these “Strange Planet” animals by the Good Machinery.

Strange Animals Horse by the Good Machinery

Neon red dog by the Good Machinery

Blue monkey by the Good Machinery

Neon rhino by the Good Machinery

pink and black zebra by the Good Machinery

Menageries of Strange Planet animals by the Good Machinery

strange planet animals by the Good Machinery

No, you can’t just dip your kid’s dinosaur figures into bucket of paint. These are created with specially mixed paints and a process which includes a secret ingredient for preserving and adding color to each piece.

See more from this talented artist:

Website | Blog | Shop

Images: the Good Machinery

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And They Lived Happily Ever After

Royal Wedding Handmade Etsy Picks

Today only, every person on the planet has to talk about the Royal Wedding. It’s the law.

True story.


“Night Rainbow” fine art print ($30) by Keri Bevan
London calling Union Jack dress ($58) by The Trendy Tot
London Town earrings (~$35) by Signatures by Natonia
Union Jack bunting hand carved stamp (~$13) by Skull and Cross Buns
Royal cookies ($36, set of 6) by SweetAmbs
Royal breakfast tea towel ($14.25) by Mr. PS
Set of three pillows ($175) by Karen Hilton Designs

On a serious note, a royal wedding is a lovely way to start a Friday morning, don’t you think? And there has never been a princess prettier than Kate.

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Favorites: Personalized Coin Purse by Oktak

Personalized coin purse by Oktak

Personalized coin purse inside by Oktak

Personalized coin purse 3 by Oktak

Birthdays, holidays, bridesmaids – this is the perfect little gift. $34 by Oktak

Images: Oktak

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Six Etsy Finds for Mother’s Day

Set of Braniff coffee cups from Look At It Sideways

Set of 6 Braniff Airlines coffee cups designed by Alexander Girard. $50 from Look At It Sideways

Matelot Stripes shirt by La Marquise des Anges

“Matelot” striped shirt with jabot-style ornament. $56 by La Marquise des Anges

Dogwood Flower Ceramic Lidded Bowl by Whitney Smith

Dogwood Flower lidded ceramic bowl. $44 by Whitney Smith

Danish Modern Condiment Server from Nacho Kitty

Danish Modern condiment set. $35 from Nacho Kitty (You have to imagine this fill with fresh jams, ready to be spread thickly on freshly baked bread, and then you can see why I picked it).

Redwing Teapot from I Live Modern

Redwing teapot. $185 by I Live Modern

White Bowl by Kaj Franck for Finel at Bit of Butter

White Kaj Franck bowl for Finel. $40 from Bit of Butter

Images by their respective owners

Yesterday I noticed that Fossil featured Charlotte’s Fancy in their Fossil • Life • Style section. How cool is that? I was surprised and speechless. Thank you, Fossil.

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