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Favorites: Ktaadn Tea Towels

Ktaadn tea towels

I love these two Ktaadn (pronounced “kuh tah dn”) tea towels, which I bought at Renegade Brooklyn this year.  The red pattern on the left is called “Knife’s Edge” and the red and blue pattern on the right is called “Net.” The linen fabric is soft and luxurious.

Ktaadn sells tea towels, pillows and notebooks in several different patterns and colors in their shop, all of which they screen print by hand in their studio near Portland, Maine. These towels aren’t in their shop yet, but I’d guess that they’re coming soon, and you can always contact Ktaadn to find out.

If you bookmark shops for gift ideas, this is a good one for your list.

Image: Charlotte’s Fancy

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Six Ideas for Your Summer Camp Care Packages

Camp Care Package Ideas by Charlotte's Fancy

I’m sending my girls to sleepaway camp this summer for the first time, with the hope that they meet new friends, have loads of fun, and learn that they will be just fine without Mom and Dad at their side.

Do your kids go to camp? Did you go to camp?

1. Optic Wonder toy by Toysmith (available at Amazon and other online stores)
2. Elephant sketchbook by Ecojot
3. Popsicle temporary tattoos designed by Julia Rothman for Tattly
4. Fluorescent pencils by eeBoo
5. Single use camera (widely available)
6. Deck of playing cards by eeBoo

Also, don’t forget to pack stationery and stamps!

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Don’t Miss This! French Blossom Lalé Offer

Did you ooh and aah over the Lalé children’s suitcases I featured last week? Did you say, “I want one of those for myself!”? Then here’s an offer you can’t refuse: the lovely folks at French Blossom are offering free shipping on any Lalé suitcase for Charlotte’s Fancy readers until June 30, 2012. If you live in the US, that’s a hefty savings ($31)!

You might want to use the small “Rose” suitcases (39 €, or about $49.50 USD) as a lunch box,or as a stylish makeup bag, or for cute storage. The larger “Marlène” suitcases (74 €, or about $94 USD) are great as a weekend travel bag or for storage. The dimensions of each are on the French Blossom website.

I think they’d make an awfully sweet gift for someone special.

Use the code LALE at checkout.

Heartfelt thanks to Meriem at French Blossom for this very generous offer.

Image: Lalé

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Cool! Word Search Wrapping Paper

Word Search Wrapping Paper 5 via the Dieline


This Wordless® word search wrapping paper by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti is genius! (They could learn a thing or two about ribbons and bows, though.) No need to stock different wrapping paper for different occasions – there are 20 messages on each sheet, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas to birthdays, to simply “You are the best.”

Available here (Europe) and here (US). See also their matching cards.

I made some personalized wrapping paper (awhile back) that you might like too.

Images: Fabio Milito
via Sara Strand and the Dieline (both excellent sources for package design)

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A Few Father’s Day Ideas (Part 2)

Father's Day gifts by Charlotte's Fancy

Five budget friendly ideas for Dad:

1. The Keychain iPhone Charger ($35) from Photojojo
2. Subscription to MAKE magazine ($29.95) from MAKE
3. Man soaps – handmade, vegan soaps ($17) by Herbivore Botanicals
4. The Big Lebowski letterpress beer coasters ($12, set of 10) by Ruff House Art
5.  Office Escape picnic box with 4 placesettings ($25) by Boxsal

(In case you missed it, see A Few Father’s Day Ideas, Part 1, here.)

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A Few Father’s Day Ideas (Part 1)

Father's Day Gifts 2012 by Charlotte's Fancy

A few gift ideas for Dad:

1. “Little America” backpack ($84.99) by Hershel Supply Co.
2.  Stelton press coffee maker ($65.10 for white, red or black) from Finnish Design Shop
3. Computery tattoos ($6) by Copernicus Toys
4. iCade – the iPad Arcade Cabinet ($99.99) from Think Geek
5. Woven silk tie ($68) by Boden
6. Molecule building set ($79.95) by FERM Living, available at Fawn & Forest

(Except for the tattoos, I realize these are all a little pricey. I’ll post some more budget friendly ideas tomorrow.)

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Perfect Party Favors for Kids

Perfect Party Favors for Kids by Charlotte's Fancy

Party favors are my favorite part of the party planning process, and I admit that I am willing to spend a few more dollars on nicer favors—in part because my kids’ birthday parties are small, so I’m not buying favors for 20 kids. But also, I just like to give gifts.

I try to strike a balance between fun, useful, not too cheap, and not too expensive. A bonus is finding things sold as multiples like the mini card games above, which you can divide up among your guests (more bang for your buck!).

So these are some of my favorites:

1. Classic card games by eeBoo ($12.95 for five games)
2. Mini notebooks (several designs to choose from) by ecojot ($4.75)
3. Twisty Stix scented erasers by International Arrivals ($2.95)
4. Crayon rocks by Clementine Art ($5.99)
5. Metallic colored pencils (also comes in neon!) by eeBoo (~$8 – shop for the best price online)
6. Mix n Match sticker set by Peaceable Kingdom Press (~$10 – shop for best price online)

What are your favorite party favors?

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