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Favorites: Vintage Rappelkiste Bunk Bed

Vintage Rappelkiste bunk bed via Rafa Kids

When I saw this “Rappelkiste” bunk bed (designed by Luigi Colani), I imagined how much I would have treasured an all-in-one creative space like this to call my own when I was a kid.

When I was young – I don’t quite remember how old I was – I used to climb up on the shelf in the closet in my bedroom and play up there. (Looking back, I have no idea how I fit up there – it was a 19th century farmhouse closet).

Did you have secret, special places where you played as a kid too?

Image: Luigi Colani
via Rafa Kids

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Favorites: Ktaadn Tea Towels

Ktaadn tea towels

I love these two Ktaadn (pronounced “kuh tah dn”) tea towels, which I bought at Renegade Brooklyn this year.  The red pattern on the left is called “Knife’s Edge” and the red and blue pattern on the right is called “Net.” The linen fabric is soft and luxurious.

Ktaadn sells tea towels, pillows and notebooks in several different patterns and colors in their shop, all of which they screen print by hand in their studio near Portland, Maine. These towels aren’t in their shop yet, but I’d guess that they’re coming soon, and you can always contact Ktaadn to find out.

If you bookmark shops for gift ideas, this is a good one for your list.

Image: Charlotte’s Fancy

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Favorites: Girl in Flowers by Beneath the Sun

Girl in Flowers cushion cover by Beneath the Sun

Beneath the Sun is a colorful, cheerful homewares and stationery collection by Australian designer Leah Bartholomew. I love this cushion cover – don’t you?

She has many more items in her shop: cards, tea towels, pillows, art prints and wrapping paper. Go take a look – her work will make you smile. You can also see her blog here.

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there (including the dad of my two girls!).

Image: Leah Bartholomew/Beneath the Sun
(via Darling Clementine)

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Favorites: Scholten and Baijings Tea Towels for HAY

Scholten & Baijings tea towels

Scholten & Bajings tea towels neon pink

Scholten & Bajings tea towels forest Scholten & Bajings tea towels gradient

Scholten & Bajings tea towels kitchen tile Scholten & Bajings tea towels hanging grid

Scholten & Baijings tea towels for HAY in “Box” (top two photos).

Middle: “Cold Forest” and “Gradient”
Bottom: “Kitchen Tiles” and “Hanging Grid”

Sold as sets of two, with one of them in a neon version, S&B’s signature style. Available in the US via the Finnish Design Shop ($28/set).

From the archives: gorgeous Scholten & Baijings bedding for HAY (also available at Finnish Design Shop).

Images courtesy HAY

Tomorrow I’m sharing my Summer Fun List, so stay tuned!

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Favorites: Children’s Suitcases by Lalé

I totally adore these cloth suitcases with vintage prints by French company Lalé. Aren’t they wonderful? The mini suitcases (the first four pictured) are 39€ and the little suitcases are 74€ - available at French Blossom (which ships internationally).

See this previous post for other great finds by French Blossom. Also, all fashion & shoes on the French Blossom site are 30% off until June 17 with code SUMMER12.

I searched online for someone in the US who sells Lalé suitcases, but couldn’t find any. If you’ve seen them, please let me know.

Images courtesy French Blossom

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Favorites: The Perfect Sheet Set

Egg Press Sheets at Schoolhouse Electric

The Egg Press Dot Sheet Set is a collaboration between Egg Press and Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

(in yellow)

(in gray)

Egg Press Designed Sheets at Schoolhouse Electric

(in the perfectly styled bedroom)

Simple, modern, not too feminine, not too masculine. I love these sheets, especially the yellow. This is an inspired collaboration between two companies with impeccable taste.

See the whole Egg Press collection, including table linens, lamp shades and pillows.

Images: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

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Recommended: Ruby Redfort

Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

I bought this book about two weeks ago for my 8 year old bookworm, and I believe she’s read it cover to cover about three times so far. (True story.) So, that’s recommendation enough, right? But it’s the work of author and illustrator Lauren Child – whom you may know from the extremely charming Charlie and Lola books and cartoons, and the Clarice Bean series – so there’s no way it’s not a great book.

Ruby Redfort (a character in the Clarice Bean books, now with her own book) is a “genius code-cracker and daring detective, along with her sidekick butler, Hitch, working for a secret crime-busting organization called Spectrum.”  What makes the book unique is that Lauren Child partnered with math professor Marcus du Sautoy, who created tricky math puzzles and codes especially for Ruby to solve.

It is a clever book and is especially well-suited for kids who are intrigued with spying and detective work.

There is a website here, with a code-breaking contest, a fun video and links to buy the book.

Book jacket design by David Mackintosh
Published in the US by Candlewick Press

From the archives: Summer reading recommendations for kids, including the Lauren Child illustrated version of Pippi Longstocking. Happy reading!

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The Best Thing You Will See Today

Iain Heath created these Lego models as a tribute to master animator and storyteller Hayao Miyazaki. If you are a Miyazaki fan, you will recognize the characters & movies:

Totoro Satsuki and Mei legos by Ochre Jelly

My Neighbor Totoro

Arietty in legos by Ochre Jelly

The Secret World of Arrietty

Ponyo chase scene in legos by Ochre Jelly


Spirited Away in legos by Ochre Jelly

Spirited Away

Castle in the Sky legos by Ochre Jelly

Castle in the Sky

Kiki's Delivery Service in legos by Ochre Jelly

Kiki’s Delivery Service

See many more of his amazing Lego creations (including more Miyazaki) on Flickr and on his blog, The Living Brick.

My Neighbor Totoro is one of my all time favorite movies. I wrote about a funny Totoro craft a long time ago here, and if you’re looking for a wide range of Totoro crafts, try Craftster.

Happy weekend to you!

All images: Iain Heath/Ochre Jelly

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Favorites: Four Corners Knit Baby Blanket

Four Corners Knit Baby Blanket by Purl SoHo

Four Corners Knit Baby Blanket Full View by Purl SoHo

Four Corners Knit Baby Blanket colors by Purl SoHo

The Purl SoHo blog is a must read for their impeccably beautiful sewing, knitting and crocheting projects—whether you have the skills or not.

This project is for a baby, but I’d love to have a bigger size, which would be a perfect curling-up-on-the-couch-in-rainy-weather blanket. Like today.

Happy weekend!

Images: Purl SoHo

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Meet Me at the Playground

Playground by Horst Kiechle

“I’ve always believed that supermarkets tell more about a culture than museums – looking through my image archive I am slowly thinking that the same could be true about playgrounds.” – Horst Kiechle

This beautiful old playset is near Osaka Municipal Central Library, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku. See Kiechle’s full set of playground images here.

Image: Horst Kiechle
Via Poppytalk/Pinterest

Today is your last chance to leave a comment for my Royal Lace paper doily giveaway (5pm EST).

Happy weekend!

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