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Make This: Cross Stitch Peg Board Coat Rack

Cross Stitch coat rack by Beci Orpin in Mollie Makes

Spotted this cross stitch peg board coat rack in the Beci Orpin feature in the current issue of Mollie Makes. (Beci is a well-known Australian artist). I love this idea. It reminds me of Aesthetic Outburst’s embroidered screen door.

Image: Chris Middleton / Mollie Makes

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Make This: Decorated Halloween Bucket by Mer Mag

Decorated Halloween bucket by mer mag

Adorable Halloween bucket, using just a handful of supplies, brought to you by the incredibly talented Mer Mag (click the link for the tutorial).

I’d love to know what costumes your kids are wearing this Halloween. My 11 year old is sewing a Victorian dress (yes, really), and my 8 year old is still undecided, but I’m trying to talk her into this, which is possibly the best Halloween costume I have ever seen.

Images: Mer Mag

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Colorful Pumpkins by Normann Copenhagen

Colorful pumpkins by Normann Copenhagen

Colorful pumpkin display at Normann Copenhagen

Who wants boring old orange pumpkins when you can make these cool, brightly-colored pumpkins instead? Spotted on the Normann Copenhagen blog, all you need is paint (including white), paintbrushes, and of course, pumpkins.

See the how-to post here.

And don’t you wish you had a whole set of those Light House lanterns too? If not the whole set, then I think I’m partial to the pink.

Images: Normann Copenhagen

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All Aboard! Cute Circus Train Craft by Mer Mag

Circus Train with tea boxes by mer mag

Circus Train supplies tea boxes and duct tape by mer mag

Hello hello! I’m back from my short little vacation and wanted to share this adorable Circus Train craft by mer mag (a stellar blog, if you don’t already subscribe to it). All you need is some tea boxes, some duct tape, some brads, and whatever other decorations you might want to use. Simple as that!

See the tutorial here (it’s also featured in the current issue of Family Fun).

Images: mer mag

I’m thinking about holiday gift guides (see the archive here); if you have an interest in having your handmade items featured, please send an email to charlottesfancy [at] gmail [dot] com for consideration.

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Easy Halloween Costumes by Wee Society

Wee Society Owl Costume complete

Wee Society Fox Costume complete

Need an adorable, easy-to-make and easy-on-the-budget Halloween costume for your little ones? Wee Society has four great tutorials for you: an owl, a fox, a lion and a gorilla. Get the downloads here.

You might also want to visit their shop for beautiful art prints for your children’s room, including personalized prints; they also have a “Find Your Special Letter” app featuring their charming animal alphabet illustrations.

What Halloween costumes are you making this year? I’d love to hear about them.

Images: Wee Society
via lmnop

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Do This: Washi Tape Town

washi tape car track by le jardin de juliette

Washi tape car track overhead shot by le jardin de juliette

This washi tape car track / town by Le Jardin de Juliette is an incredibly clever idea. For the cost of just a few rolls of tape (usually about $4 – $5 each), you can give your kids endless hours of creative play.

Also, I can’t help but notice that this is one really cool children’s bedroom. I would love to have kid-sized Verner Panton chairs like that!

Some good sources for washi tape:

Pretty Tape
Cute Tape

(You can also search for washi tape on Etsy)

Images: Le Jardin de Juliette

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Great Find: The Ink Nest

Nautical set by the Ink Nest

Mint collection from the Ink Nest

Art Supplies by Denise Holmes for the Ink Nest

Ranunculus Collection by the Ink Nest

I had a smack-my-forehead kind of moment yesterday when Denise Holmes (an illustrator whose work I love) posted a note on Facebook about how she’d contributed some of her illustrations to a clip art website called The Ink Nest. It had never occurred to me that there are beautiful, affordable clip art websites! (Or maybe this is the only one?!)

In the past, I’ve commissioned some small illustrations for projects here and there, but this idea of a clip art website, where I can buy lovely little inexpensive graphics and use them to my heart’s content, opens up a whole new world for me.

So don’t be surprised if you start seeing some of them in my blog posts!

The Ink Nest offers clip art and Photoshop brushes, as well as vector files and extended licenses. See the full details on their website, including the terms & conditions.

Don’t miss the blog either.

I’m excited for the creative possibilities – how about you?

Images: The Ink Nest

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Make This: DIY Polka Dot Decor

DIY polka dot vases and jars by Ruffled blog

DIY dotted vases materials by Ruffled blog

DIY polka dot vases 2 by Ruffled blog DIY polka dot vases by Ruffled blog

Another fantastic DIY project from Ruffled. These polka dot bottles are simple to make and add a sweet touch to your home, party, or wedding.

Get the full tutorial here.

Images: Ruffled
More from Ruffled: Opaque striped vases

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Cute Alert! Craft-A-Day by Sarah Goldschadt

Craft a Day by Sarah Goldschadt

Sewn animals by Sarah Goldschadt from her Craft a Day book

Craft a Day by Sarah Goldschadt

Cupcake toppers by Sarah Goldschadt for Craft a Day Book

This new Craft-a-Day book by Sarah Goldschadt is almost too cute for words.

Sarah picks a theme for each week of the year – robots, or snowflakes, or penguins, or hexagons, or sailboats  (you get the picture) – and then she offers a week’s worth of different crafts related to the theme. Cupcake toppers, plush animals, garlands, stationery, tote bags, and more.

The instructions are easy to follow, the crafts are simple and sweet, and the book is beautifully designed. If you’re like me – you like to make things now and then, but nothing too elaborate or requiring advanced skills – this is the perfect book.

In fact, this book ranks high on the list of craft books you ought to have in your library, along with Kid Made Modern and the various Usborne “Things to Make and Do” books. It would also make a terrific gift for any of your crafty friends.

For more about Sarah, visit her website.

The book will be available to purchase  beginning October 2, 2012; I received an advance copy from Quirk Books (who also published this great Halloween craft book that I featured a couple of years ago).

Images: Sarah Goldschadt / Quirk Books

Have a great weekend!

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Favorites: Purl SoHo + Egg Press Embroidery Kit

Egg Press Four Seasons Emboridery Kits

Egg Press Four Seasons Emboridery Kit Close Up

I haven’t embroidered anything for many many years, but I’m seriously considering trying out this Four Seasons Embroidery kit by Purl SoHo and Egg Press. Isn’t that woodgrain design just fantastic?

In case you’re interested, the kit comes with: transfers for 4 Seasonal Trees, woodgrain alphabets and numbers, woodgrain pattern; 1/2 yard cotton/linen fabric; 15 skeins of embroidery thread; embroidery needles; a 4-inch wooden hoop; a color photo how-to booklet; and hook & loop tape for plying thread. (Note the kit contents in the top photo.)

Get the embroidery kit for $58 on the Purl SoHo website.

I have featured Egg Press and Purl SoHo on this blog too many times to count – which reflects how much I respect and admire their beautiful work with paper and with fabric, respectively.

Images: Purl SoHo

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