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Washi Tape Christmas Decorations

Washi tape Christmas ornaments by Pysselbolaget

Washi tape Christmas ornaments by Pysselbolaget 2

Cute, colorful, easy Christmas decorations made with different colors and patterns of washi tape. Love this idea from Pysselbolaget for The Southern Institute!

Get the tutorial here.

Images: Pysselbolaget for The Southern Institute

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Your Closet Never Looked So Good

DIY Hangers via DesignLoveFest

Stumbled across these great hangers from Designlovefest on Pinterest. Don’t you love the colors? Sand, spray paint, and let them dry. It’s that easy. See the full blog post here.

Hope you all have a good weekend. See you in December!

Image: Designlovefest

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Make These: Accordion Paper Trees

Season-Accordian-Tree by Minted

Minted shares this simple but pretty – and easy! – accordion paper tree craft on their blog, including a downloadable template, to make your home a little more festive this holiday season. Don’t miss their other cute holiday crafts, too, including this Let It Snow Treat Jar by Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave.

Image: Minted

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Make This: Cross Stitch Peg Board Coat Rack

Cross Stitch coat rack by Beci Orpin in Mollie Makes

Spotted this cross stitch peg board coat rack in the Beci Orpin feature in the current issue of Mollie Makes. (Beci is a well-known Australian artist). I love this idea. It reminds me of Aesthetic Outburst’s embroidered screen door.

Image: Chris Middleton / Mollie Makes

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Make This: Decorated Halloween Bucket by Mer Mag

Decorated Halloween bucket by mer mag

Adorable Halloween bucket, using just a handful of supplies, brought to you by the incredibly talented Mer Mag (click the link for the tutorial).

I’d love to know what costumes your kids are wearing this Halloween. My 11 year old is sewing a Victorian dress (yes, really), and my 8 year old is still undecided, but I’m trying to talk her into this, which is possibly the best Halloween costume I have ever seen.

Images: Mer Mag

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Colorful Pumpkins by Normann Copenhagen

Colorful pumpkins by Normann Copenhagen

Colorful pumpkin display at Normann Copenhagen

Who wants boring old orange pumpkins when you can make these cool, brightly-colored pumpkins instead? Spotted on the Normann Copenhagen blog, all you need is paint (including white), paintbrushes, and of course, pumpkins.

See the how-to post here.

And don’t you wish you had a whole set of those Light House lanterns too? If not the whole set, then I think I’m partial to the pink.

Images: Normann Copenhagen

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All Aboard! Cute Circus Train Craft by Mer Mag

Circus Train with tea boxes by mer mag

Circus Train supplies tea boxes and duct tape by mer mag

Hello hello! I’m back from my short little vacation and wanted to share this adorable Circus Train craft by mer mag (a stellar blog, if you don’t already subscribe to it). All you need is some tea boxes, some duct tape, some brads, and whatever other decorations you might want to use. Simple as that!

See the tutorial here (it’s also featured in the current issue of Family Fun).

Images: mer mag

I’m thinking about holiday gift guides (see the archive here); if you have an interest in having your handmade items featured, please send an email to charlottesfancy [at] gmail [dot] com for consideration.

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