My Ideal Home

My Ideal Home

My Ideal Home is a great source for home inspiration. For example:

Photo by Patrick Smith Via Maison & Déco

A barn is transformed in Seattle by SHED (via

Home of Silje Aune Eriksen for Elle Decor Norway

Home of Home of Silje Aune Eriksen for Elle Decor (Norway). Photo by Trine Thorsen

If you like the photos from My Ideal Home and want to pin them to your Pinterest boards or reblog them, please doublecheck the source. I found that the source listed wasn’t always the original source of the photo, so I had to do a little searching.

Speaking of Pinterest, I am in the process of deleting photos that I had pinned from blogs or other websites, which didn’t credit the original source (the home decor photos seem to be among the worst offenders). If I can’t find the original source, it gets deleted.

I have some misgivings about Pinterest—particularly that it might be undermining the work and livelihood of handmade and independent artists. People repin the images they love, with absolutely no bad intentions, but they also do it carelessly, without thinking about whether they are pinning it from the owners of the image. When I first started writing this blog several years ago, I had no understanding of the importance of crediting images, so I understand why others don’t either, but we all have to try harder.

And as long as Pinterest strips out the data linking it to the original source, this will continue to be a problem. Pinterest did update some of their policies, but some may feel it doesn’t go far enough.

Care to share your thoughts on Pinterest?

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