Valentine’s Day Surprise Crackers by Lottie Loves

Valentines cracker by Lottie Loves

Thinking about making a couple of these this weekend for my girls. See the tutorial over at the Lottie Loves blog (Charlotte Rivers‘ beautiful blog). Another idea: adapt these Halloween surprise balls for Valentine’s Day.

Images: Lottie Loves

UPDATE (Feb 10, 2015): Hi Guys – thanks for all the inquiries about these Valentine’s Day crackers. Apparently the Lottie Loves blog either doesn’t exist or it’s viewed by invitation only. There are lots of surprise cracker tutorials out there you can adapt for this craft. Try this one from Oh Happy Day! but instead of using Christmas goodies, use Valentine’s Day goodies.

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  1. 1

    What a great idea! I usually buy crackers and sometimes the stuff inside is a little junky. I could make my own and never thought of this before. Thanks for sharing and Have a Great Weekend:)

  2. 2

    can you add me to blog< i cant see directions and would love to learn to make these joslyn

    • 3

      Molly de Aguiar said,

      Hi Joslyn –

      I’m sorry – this is not my original tutorial and I have no way to give you access to it. This is an old post, and I suspect that the Lottie Loves blog no longer exists.

  3. 4

    vicviktorija said,

    Hi, the link to the blog with the tutorial is only viewable by invite only. Do you have another way of sharing? Thanks!

    • 5

      Molly de Aguiar said,

      Hi there – I’m sorry – this is an old post and I don’t have any way of sharing the tutorial. I did a quick search for the Lottie Loves blog, and I think actually it doesn’t exist anymore (not that it’s private and you need an invite).

  4. 6

    Rabecca Lassek said,

    I clicked your link to the tutorial, but it says I have to be invited. How do I contact Lottie Loves to see the tutorial? Thank you.

    • 7

      Molly de Aguiar said,

      Hi Rabecca –

      I apologize for the link. I stopped writing for Charlotte’s Fancy about two years ago, and of course the link worked fine when I first posted this. I’m not sure why the blog is now private.

  5. 8

    Taryn said,

    It won’t allow me to view blog with the tutorial, it says that I need to be invited to view this blog. Any tips? I think this is such a great idea and would love to try it.

    • 9

      Molly de Aguiar said,

      Hi Taryn – Sorry about the link. I no longer write Charlotte’s Fancy, so you’ve come across an old post of mine and it looks like the link is broken. I did a quick search and it looks like maybe the Lottie Loves blog doesn’t exist anymore.

  6. 10

    Michelle said,

    Cute idea, but it stinks to follow a link and find that a blog is “by invitation only”. Wow.

    • 11

      Molly de Aguiar said,

      Hi Michelle – I’m sorry about the old link. I stopped writing Charlotte’s Fancy two years ago, and when I posted this, it wasn’t a private blog. It’s possible that the Lottie Loves blog doesn’t exist anymore.

  7. 12

    Molly de Aguiar said,

    Hi folks – Molly here – I haven’t written Charlotte’s Fancy for more than two years. This post is three years old, and I’m sorry the links no longer work. My advice is to do a search for DIY Christmas crackers – there are many tutorials out there – and then adapt the tutorial for Valentine’s day. It’s the same construction.

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