Handmade Holiday Picks (Part 2)

1. Floor cushion ($92.59) by lacasadecotó
2. Personalized Santa sack ($31.72) by Rocket and Bear
3. Folkdance shopping tote ($17) by Roddy & Ginger
4. Silly seal natural rubber stamp ($18) by Ink + Wit
5. Happy Badge party pack ($19.03) by Tea & Ceremony
6. Lovebird pitcher ($39.49) by ninainvorm
7. Cigar pattern screenprint ($15) by lfdept
8. Interchangeable necklace ($30) by Happy Doodle Land
9. Mini goals chalkboard ($55) by Mary Kate McDevitt
10. Custom embroidered necklace ($32) by Merriweather Council
11. Apple wall hanging ($44) by oktak
12. Print your own 2012 calendar ($14.67) by Modern Emotive
13. Seasons set of four prints ($24) by Leah Duncan

(Note: if the prices seem a little funny, it’s likely that the Etsy shop is not located in the US, but don’t let that deter you from ordering from their shop.)

Still more holiday picks to come, in case you need more inspiration. You can also click the “Holiday Gift Guide” link under Categories (on the right) to see all the gift guides I’ve put together over the past three years.

Images from their respective owners

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