Tips on How to Dye Doilies

dyed doilies

Because the dyed doilies craft is one of my most popular posts on Charlotte’s Fancy, and I’ve had a few questions about supplies from readers, I thought I would let you know:

1). It can be hard to find the doilies that are all lace – craft stores usually carry the Wilton brand doilies with the solid middle. I did find these at the craft store (AC Moore, here on the east coast), but you can order the all lace doilies from the Royal Store in a few different sizes.

2). To get those pretty colors, I used Colorations® Liquid Watercolors (bought them at Discount School Supply). These watercolors are fun for other craft projects too, like these easy, no mess rainbow coffee filter flowers.

Get the dyed doilies tutorial here.

Image: Charlotte’s Fancy

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  1. 1

    Rachael said,

    I love this. I looked up the doilies but it would cost about $50 to post 2 packs to Australia so it looks like I will have to resort to using the cheap looking ones I have :(

  2. 3

    […] this blog post on how to dye paper doilies and a follow up post with tips for dyeing doilies are among my most popular posts, I want to give thanks by offering a pack of the doilies to one of […]

  3. 4

    Suzanne said,

    I’ve been looking for colored doilies with no luck. I need a fuchsia color for a wedding. I will give this a try, but am wondering if you did any darker colors or have a tip on how to proceed with doing a hot pink color. Thanks!

    • 5

      Molly said,

      Suzanne – I didn’t try darker colors, but if I were going to try it, I would dump a whole lot of the liquid water color in the pan, and very little water, and see how it works. Definitely try the liquid water colors from Discount School Supply – those are, by far, better, richer colors than the food coloring you can buy at the grocery store.

  4. 6

    Marsha said,

    Hi Molly,
    I will be trying to dye some 14″ paper doilies for my son’s wedding. Do you recommend the all lace style instead of the ones with the solid white circle in the center?? Also, when they were drying . . . did they curl up? How did you keep them so flat?? Thanks

    • 7

      Molly said,

      Hi Marsha – I don’t remember them curling up at all, actually, but if they do, you could press them. And I like the all lace style just because I think it’s prettier. I’m not sure if it makes an actual difference in terms of dyeing them.

  5. 8

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  6. 9

    Anggie said,

    They look beautiful… I am looking through the website that sells these water colors and I would like to ask you if you could tell me which colors you used for these? the bottom left doily in the picture, and also the one that’s right in the middle (looks sort of peach)?

  7. 11

    Katherine said,

    I want to feature your dyed doily posts for an upcoming Trendy Tuesday post for the blog at Paper Crafters Library. We’ll be featuring crafts with doilies on Feb. 11. You can ck out the blog here: An image from your tutorial will credit you & link back to your blog post as well. If you do not wish to be featured, just let me know.

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