Cute Earbud Case in 10 Minutes

Been wondering what to do with those leftover Altoid tins? How about making a cute case for your earbuds, so that they don’t get tangled up in your bag or backpack? This craft takes only a couple of materials, and you can make one in just a few minutes’ time.

What you need:

Mint/candy tin
Felt with adhesive backing
Glue gun

Trace the shape of the box on the back of the felt (on the paper backing). Cut out one piece for the top and one piece for the bottom of the tin. Pull off the paper and apply the pieces to the top and bottom of the tin.

Use a glue gun to glue down your embellishments. I used felt flowers. Appliques of any kind would also look nice. You can also glue a thin ribbon around the edge of the lid if you want to dress it up a little more, while also covering up the red of the Altoid tin.

If you’re making these as a little gift or party favor, you can use a label and write/print names on them for the inside of the lid. The ones I used are from Paper Source, and they just happened to fit perfectly.

Over at Design*Sponge, they have several tutorials for using candy tins, including this one for little kits (sewing kits, first aid kits, etc.), and this great one for a tin clock.

And I’ve always liked the tiny toolbox idea that Brenda of Secret Agent Josephine (and contributor to Alpha Mom) came up with.

If you want to make some for party favors, you can always buy little white or silver tins that haven’t been printed – available from party favor/wedding favor websites.

I’m going to be revealing a new look to Charlotte’s Fancy this week (this is one of the projects I mentioned on Friday). I hope you like it!

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  1. 1

    Michelle said,

    I love this idea…not just because I can never part with tins from Altoids, Sucrets, etc. …but it’s easy, too!

  2. 2

    These are so cute – brilliant idea for this age-old problem! thanks!!

  3. 3

    Erika said,

    Hi – I was wondering if you have suggestions for storing items. I have a 5 y.o., 3 y.o., and 10 month old and am saving their art, special baby clothes, and most loved toys. Is there a go to authority for proper storage methods and boxes so these items will hold up over the years and not degrade from moths, dust, or reactions to acid (from non acid free paper) or plastics or other unknowns? I love your blog! Thank you for take the time to create it.

  4. 5

    Rolando said,

    Wonder if they’d look even better with a smaller tin! Perhaps if your sad-sack husband had remembered to buy some, we’d know the answer to this pressing question.

  5. 6

    so cute! And I love a craft that re-uses, takes only 10 minutes and produces a useful result! Well done!

  6. 7

    Christy said,

    adorable idea! love it!

  7. 8

    AmberLee said,

    These are so sweet. I can think of one or two or ten people who would love one. I am now saving tins!

  8. 9

    […] these earbud cases sweet? Get the full tutorial here. I would love to make these for my teen sister, for grandma, for my second grader, and be done with […]

  9. 10

    Countryfun said,

    Love this idea – simple, low cost and practical. Thanks for sharing.

  10. 11

    […] these earbud cases sweet? Get the full tutorial here. I would love to make these for my teen sister, for grandma, for […]

  11. 12

    Deaf Village said,

    […] saw this project over at the blog Charlotte’s Fancy and immediately thought it would be an easy, fun way to […]

  12. 13

    […] DIY Felt Earbud Case […]

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