[Crafty Monday] Earth Day Crafts

I really wanted to do a craft with the girls this weekend, but I wanted to thoroughly clean the house more; it really needed it, and it feels great to have it done (but it took the whole weekend). So, instead of sharing my own craft today, I’m sharing a few fun crafts I’ve seen that seem like good Earth Day crafts to do with your kids.

Martha shows us how to make pretty ombre glitter seashells. I bet you have some seashells lying around – I know I do. In fact, here’s another variation on the seashell craft:

Painted seashells by Happy Together.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am constantly in awe of the fun kid crafts and especially the sewing projects on the ikat bag blog. She’s amazing. Learn how to make some fun paper trees.

Karen Barbé shows us how to make these colorful pins from recycled plastic bottles and other craft supplies you have in the house.

And if you’re not familiar with A Print A Day/Yasmine Surovec’s downloadable magazines Parasol (download issue 6 for free here) and Parasol Craft, I highly recommend you check them out. Parasol Craft 3 is brand new, and for only $2.50, it is chock full of interesting reading, fun ideas and free downloads/craft ideas.

I love an online magazine, and Parasol and Parasol Craft are very cleverly designed and pretty to look at.

Yasmine also offers lots of fun freebies through her blog and Facebook page. If you like paper crafts, check out her digital kits, which offer loads of creative possibilities for a very modest cost. (You might recognize the Tiniest Garden kit – I used it for Elena’s birthday party in January).

That Yasmine is a talented gal – and a real sweetheart too.

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  1. 1

    Christy said,

    I have lots of plain scallop shells lying around. Time to embellish using the crafty ideas you shared! Oohh the latest issue of parasol mag is too cute!

  2. 2

    Linda said,

    The Earth day is approaching! I’d like to announce the publication of a post about recycling on my website: I’ve collected 100 ideas to recycle and re-use in creative ways some stuff you can find in everyone’s house and that is usually trashed. i wrote the post in Italian, but the linked tutorials are in English! Hope you like them!



  3. 3

    […] via Charlotte’s Fancy} You may also […]

  4. 4

    Donna said,

    I like the first sea shell craft but I can’t figure out if you’re using paint, glitter, glitter paint, a sponge? Can you please share the details? Thanks! Donna

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