[Family Friday] Storybird

I really love the collaborative storytelling and creativity that the Storybird website encourages in kids and their families. It also offers incredibly beautiful and fun art to inspire your story ideas.

This is a story that Elena and I made – our very first Storybird. We called it, “When the Evil Cat Learned To Be Kind.”

The artwork is by Sebastiaan Van Doninck.

And then Rosa, Elena and I wrote one that we called, “And Sometimes.” Isn’t the artwork by Nakisha of Blue Dog Rose beautiful?

Once you sign up for an account (it’s free), you can start creating as many stories as you want with your kid(s), and it’s so user friendly that you’ll want to make story after story. When you have finished a story, you can share it with your network of friends, watch it on your computer screen, share it with the public, and soon, Storybird will let you print out your stories.

I love the idea that you can share Storybird with your friends and family so that they can join the creative process no matter where they are in the world. We live in New Jersey, but Grandma, who lives in New Mexico, can start a story about what her childhood was like and then ask Elena and Rosa to add to the story. My nephew lives thousands of miles away in New Delhi but we could start a story with him about the monkeys and other exotic (to us) things he sees on a daily basis. Imagine the creative possibilities!

As Storybird notes on their website, storytelling “promotes imagination, literacy, and self-confidence. Kids who play with words and pictures early in life tend to score higher in cognitive and aptitude tests later on. They read and draw more, and are better able to understand concepts and ideas. Plus, they become comfortable with the act of creation: turning nothing into something.”

Turning nothing into something – that’s a really lovely way to talk about the creative process with kids, don’t you think?

One other interesting thing to note about Storybird: it’s a unique model for artists to showcase their work to people all over the world. Through Storybird, each artist has a “shop” with links to their blogs, websites, portfolios, and in some cases, online shops (e.g. Etsy shops). You can support the artists by ♥ hearting ♥ your favorites, sharing them through Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon, and emailing them to anyone you want. Isn’t that cool?

Clearly, the people behind Storybird are an innovative bunch.

* * *

Did you see my Valentine’s Day sugar scrub tutorial at Kind Over Matter yesterday? I was so happy to be a part of their Valentine series (this week and next), and they made my tutorial look beautiful. Kind Over Matter is a really lovely, joyful site that makes me smile. They have lots of giveaways and free downloads, too. This is one of my favorite posts of theirs. One day (soon), I am going to do a card drop of my own. I’ve already got some ideas.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for visiting Charlotte’s Fancy this week!

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    MJ said,

    Wow! storybird is great! Great way for children to use their imagination and creativity and also it’s a very nice way of getting family time! thanks for sharing.
    p.s. congrads on your scrub tutorial! :)

  2. 2

    MJ said,

    awwww I just read your stories!! love them!! Congrats to the little writers ;)

  3. 3

    csw said,

    We’re in!

  4. 4

    Michelle said,

    Thanks so much for the mention in your blog at Kind Over Matter!

    And the StoryBird is awesome….I have so many stories for the kids to make over again via StoryBird…it should be really impressive for them to see their stories like that.

    You’re awesome.

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