[Family Friday] Birthday Party Planning

Things I already know:

1). It’s only October, which is a full 2 months before Rosa’s birthday and 3 months before Elena’s.
2). I’m nuts.

In my defense, if I don’t start thinking about the girls’ birthdays now, then I run out of time to do something fun and interesting. I don’t know if you know this, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s really get in the way of planning two girls’ birthday parties (or one combined party).

So, I’ve been collecting pictures/ideas of what’s inspiring me for this year’s party – a woodland themed party, since we’re all about animals and trees and fairies in this house. Do you have any ideas for me?

Party Pom Poms by Party Poms Forest Friends Rubber Stamps by nikoart

The Tiniest Garden Close Up Felted Acorns

Eleni's Shades of Fall cookies Bird Whistles by Bake It Pretty

Forest Party by Paper Culture

Owl Invite by Paper Culture Owl Invite by Letterspace Paper

Pom Pom decorations by Party Poms
Forest Friends Rubber Stamps by Niko Art
The Tiniest Garden scrapbook/design kit by A Print A Day
Felted Acorns by Fairyfolk
Shades of Fall cookies by Eleni’s
Bird Whistles by Bake It Pretty
Forest Party invite by Paper Culture
Hoo’s Having a Birthday invite also by Paper Culture
Owls Invite by Letterspace Paper

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  1. 1

    I’ve been collecting fairy / woodland theme parties ideas too! Here are a couple of links to check out if you haven’t already seen them:



    Have fun with your party planning!

  2. 3

    Gray.com said,

    Those felt acorns are very adorable.

  3. 4

    goodtogrow said,

    I agree, those acorns are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

  4. 5

    nikoart said,

    Hey thanks for mentioning my forest friends set! A woodland themed party sounds sooo cute! Your girls are very lucky. :o)

  5. 6

    […] 9th birthday is right around the corner, and we’re having a birthday party for her tomorrow. Remember the woodland forest theme pics/inspirations that I posted awhile ago? I downloaded the Tiniest Garden digital kit (digital art that is yours to make into […]

  6. 7

    […] others I found inspiring. Now I feel slightly more overwhelmed. Thank you to these lovely blogs: charlotte’s fancy , handmade…cathy gaubert, a little sussy, kate landers events, my sweet and saucy, and […]

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